I have always been a minimalist when it comes to skin care products, but I could never find quite the right thing to use on my face, until I found Elka Herbals’ Healthy Aging Facial Serum. Even the name of this product makes me happy every time I use it, reminding me to embrace the natural process of my aging as beautiful. I routinely put this on my face every time I get out of the shower, and am nourished on so many levels. I love the smell and the way it soaks in and and moisturizes me without ever feeling too oily. I never get those annoying dry patches around my nose anymore. I also love knowing how much love and care was put into this handmade product, from the thoughtful sourcing of ethical high quality ingredients, to the beautiful art on the packaging. This is a seriously unique and wonderful product that is worth every penny. I am now on my second bottle, and totally hooked.
— S. London, Santa Cruz, CA
I bought my first Elka products from you at a craft fair in Montclair Village in Oakland, CA. As a woman in her mid-50s, I am always on the hunt for high quality, natural skin care products that will replenish the oils my body so craves. Your Lavender Geranium Dead Sea Scrub makes my entire body gloriously soft. I had been purchasing raw unrefined shea butter for my skin because I could never find a product that would moisturize my skin better, until I discovered your Lavender Body Butter. It’s the perfect mixture of unrefined shea butter and other oils for a smooth and creamy mixture that bathes and relieves my dry skin. I sound like a commercial don’t I? But I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!! And I have used a lot of skin products in my day.
— D. McCray, Oakland, CA
My daughter has given me a couple of Elka Herbals products and they are awesome!!!! I use the body butter to stop my fingers in the winter from cracking and it is the only product that works. I am now trying the facial serum for my face and it works beautifully. I have very dry skin and this is restoring moisture to make my skin more elastic and glowing. I highly recommend these products.
— J. Rigaux-O'Shea, Kingston, NY
I met you at Victorian Christmas, our local Nevada City winter fair. I purchased multiple Let it Bee lip & cuticle balms. It is THE BEST & I have very dry lips. I look forward to trying more of your products.
— K. Medley, Nevada City, CA
I met you at the Fairgrounds Saturday after Thanksgiving. I bought a Lemon Coconut Dead Sea Scrub. This is the best stuff I have ever used on my hands! I’m so glad I found your website. I tell the women in my office (I’m the only guy) about your products. Hopefully they start to purchase some soon.
— B.Willey, Grass Valley, CA
I had gotten a rash on both arms this past Spring after having a manicure in a salon. After the rash healed up my skin was so dry and sensitive. I came to your booth at the Mountain View art fair and the woman in your booth noticed my dry skin right away. She convinced me to try the Luscious Lavender Body Butter and I bought a small tin. I’m glad I did! I kept it in my purse and used it often. I enjoy the scent and how much better my skin looked and felt. It was very helpful in my full recovery from the rash. Thank you!
— Marjorie Z, Mountain View, CA
I have met you at the Montclair Fair in Oakland and have bought the Lavender body butter from you. When I have run out, I have bought other products, and honestly, they aren’t as good as yours. I love that your body butter stays smooth until the bottom of the can and doesn’t get lumpy like some other products. And, that it isn’t greasy.
— C. Munoz, Oakland, CA
I bought some of your body butter at the Nevada City Craft Fair. I LOVE IT! It actually feels like it penetrates my skin rather than a slimy layer on top. Within a few days I was soft and those little bumps were gone.
— S. Bridges, Nevada City, CA
I just received my Dead Sea Scrub & am thrilled. I have such dry skin that I have not been able to use soap on my skin, except for hands and feet, since I was in my 20’s. At age 74 I have used the Elka Herbals Dead Sea Scrub for 3 years & my skin is so soft that even my Dermatologists have asked “how do you keep your skin so soft?” I am presently going through some health problems & having blood drawn every 2 weeks. I cannot tell you how many people have asked about my soft skin. I think I have probably the softest wrinkles in town. Tee Hee! Hip! Hip! Hurrah! for Elka Herbals!
— K. Trenchard, Petaluma, CA
I love my Elka Herbals Dead Sea Salt Scrub, in fact, I consider it spiritual medicine for my body. I’m quite empathic and tend to “pick up” energies from others. When I use the Dead Sea Body Scrub, my skin not only feels great, but I feel energetically refreshed and cleansed as well. Consider it auric maintenance that leaves your skin beautifully soft!
— Jennifer B, Palmdale, CA