About Elka Herbals

Elka Herbals was created in 2011 in the lush coastal mountains of Northern California. The vision was born from Erica's love of nature, herbs and organic living. Up in the mountains she was surrounded with the gift of nature’s abundance and a pace of life that offered room for creative initiatives: Picture a field of lavender blooming beneath the summer sun, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, rolling hills and open spaces. Amidst this backdrop the dream of ‘Elka’ arose.

Working with the bounty of plants and herbs on the land, Erica crafted a small line of natural herbal products. She began taking her products to local fairs and markets, and quickly understood the growing demand for natural and organic skincare free of harmful and synthetic ingredients.

Several years down the line Erica is continuing to craft and expand the Elka Herbals line of products. The products are lovingly crafted from organic, natural, and ethically sourced ingredients out of her studio in the beautiful Sierra foothills town of Nevada City, CA. As part of her commitment to purity and quality, she uses nutrient dense, unrefined oils and pure essential oils in the products because it’s healthier and as nature intended. Ingredients are sourced from local family farmers as often as possible. Imported ingredients come from Fair Trade certified sources.

These products are an expression of the lifestyle Erica strives for. Just as she aims to live simply, healthfully and with integrity, so too do does she craft her products under the guidance of these ideals. Try Elka Herbals products and we promise your body will thank you! Since making the switch to 100% natural and organic skincare along with a healthy, whole food diet, we are feeling our best ever (and you can too!)

With blessings of joy and well-being!

-Erica and the women of Elka Herbals